Travel Scrabble Deluxe
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Product: Travel Scrabble Deluxe

I’ll assume that you all know how to play Scrabble? Well, this travel version is brilliant! The letter holders fit neatly under the playing surface when not being played with and because the letters are magnetic, you can just pop it all away half way through a game and then …

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Travel Scrabble Deluxe

Now you can play Scrabble on the go with this handy pocket version

This is a compact and robust portable version of the classic word game with a fold-away board that holds the tiles and racks firmly in place.

In Scrabble, players use their seven drawn letter-tiles to form words on the gameboard. Each word laid out earns points based on the commonality of the letters used, with certain board spaces giving bonuses.

But a word can only be played if it uses at least one already-played tile or adds to an already-played word.